Committed to Pipeline Protection

At Raphoon, LLC. you will find quality consulting and products that will help any pipeline company in improving the integrity of their network. Primarily focused on pipeline coatings and protection methods. Raphoon, LLC has impacts on upcoming changes to the coatings community, and is committed to the continual improvement of our pipeline protection mechanisms and the long term reliability of the worlds energy infrastructure.

When faced with difficult coating environments, new coating trials, or you simply need to evaluate the systems available to you, Raphoon, LLC can help.

Whether it is shop applied or field applied pipeline coatings, we have the expertise to train your coating applicators to produce quality over and over again.

Raphoon, LLC. Offers the most robust pipeline ARO and field joint coating protection systems available. Click to learn about Drag-In Coating.

Raphoon, LLC buys and distributes steel pipe in a variety of types, grades and sizes, offering both new and used products across the country.

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