Pipeline Coating Selection

When the time comes to select your pipeline coatings, there are many possibilities to choose from. And when you are considering which field joint coating that can get even more complicated. Raphoon LLC can help you with these tough decisions through careful evaluation and years of experience.

Field Joint Coating Evaluation

The application of coatings on pipeline right of ways (ROW) can be a difficult challenge for a wide variety of reasons. We have the understanding and experience to help with the selection of the right coating to use for your particular application. This is not limited to land based coatings, we are also uniquely equipped to help with your offshore field joint coatings and coatings to be applied at spooling facilities as well.

On Site Coating Inspections

The professionals at Raphoon LLC have years of experience dealing specifically with Pipeline Coatings. Unlike many other inspection firms that employ NACE certified coating inspectors. Raphoon LLC only employs individuals with coating experience directly related to pipelines. We will never send a bridge painter to inspect your shop applied FBE coatings. You will also never receive a tank lining inspector to evaluate the application of your field applied 2-part epoxies, tapes, or heat shrink sleeves (HSS).