Application Training

We understand that sometimes the "simple" coating process can pose multiple sources of trouble for those using them. At Raphoon LLC we specialize in pipeline coating applications. With this very small niche and our refined focus, we have come across both the issues and solutions for most common pipeline coating issues. Don't get upset about your coating troubles and push through stumbling over every little roadblock. Instead for a fixed price per day in the continental USA you can contract Raphoon, LLC to provide a comprehensive application training to all the relevant parties. I encourage you to go to our Youtube page and view some relevant videos regarding pipeline coating.

Who Benefits From Application Training?

Pipeline Contractors

In today's pipeline construction environment the operators have transferred much of their liability onto the contractor during the construction phase. Even though there is often a 3rd party inspector, the liabiilty for the coating quality is passed onto the contractor. We can offer application training services so that the products are put on in accordance with the manufacturer and operator specifications so that the coatings perform and pass the post installation inspections.


We have found that through the years many pipeline operators have coating specifications that have been cut and pasted over and over again for multiple revisions. When this happens old and outdated products and methods can be inadvertently passed along. We offer training to pipeline owners regarding their own specified coatings so they can understand what it is they are asking of their contractors and inspectors.

3rd Party Inspection Co.

Often times Coating Inspectors have been hired based on a single course requirement. This isn't always a bad thing, but it can lead to placing inspectors into environments they don't fully understand. Raphoon, LLC can do application training for the pipeline inspectors so they can learn to look for the specific pitfalls of a particular product or process and gain experience at the same time. This training will make them much more effective in providing a better end product for the operator and keep them from making silly missteps during the process.