Pipe Supply

Steel Pipe Supply

Raphoon, LLC buys and distributes steel pipe in a variety of types, grades and sizes, offering surplus, secondary and new steel pipe products across the country.

We specialize in Large OD 12" to 42" Carbon Steel Piping in a wide variety of sizes and wall thicknesses

Our Inventory continually changes because of the nature of our material supply. Please reach out to us by phone (346) 216-9866 or via email at sales@raphoon.com to request pricing for pipe that meets your current need.

Raphoon, LLC Pipe Sources: We Buy and Sell

Surplus, Secondary, and New Carbon Steel Pipe

We deal in the surplus, secondary and new carbon steel pipe markets because that is where we are experienced. Unlike other companies that will offer anything regardless of their knowledge, Raphoon, LLC. stays inside it's niche so that we can best supply our customers with the right products for their applications. Our pipe is best suited for use in structural markets such as:

  • pipe piling

  • dredge pipe

  • bollards

  • sign poles

  • road bores

  • casing

  • multiple structural purposes

What is Surplus or Secondary Pipe?

Secondary and surplus pipe is material that has been generated from the sale of prime pipe and was either manufactured in excess of an order, left over from a project, or had slight variations which didn't meet the prime pipe purchasers requirements and can no longer be sold as prime pipe. These types of pipe can be used for a variety of applications, typically in structural markets.

How Does Raphoon, LLC get it's pipe?

The vast majority of our pipe comes from 2 key sources. The first is mill rejects and over-runs and the second is left over from large pipeline projects.

  • Mill rejects and over-runs: When a pipe mill manufactures for most projects there may be some material that cannot be sold as prime pipe due to variation in the pipe properties such as a chemical mix from steel coil being slightly out of tolerance, or a yield or tensile strength that is a bit lower than required by the customer. Other times, welded pipe from DSAW and ERW mills may have repaired weld seams or some other minor defect such as being slightly out of round. In these instances the pipe is sold as reject or secondary because the didn't meet the high standard for API-5L.

  • Surplus pipe left over from pipeline projects: When pipelines are being built, large runs of pipe are made and supplied to the projects. Often times the pipe is ordered in excess to ensure that all cuts can be made and the length can be built without any delays. The result is that many pipelines have large pipe drops and excess full joints (often FBE coated) of pipe that can be sold into the surplus market. Many times the pipe is new and perfectly suited for use as API 5L pipe, but without papers ends up being sold as surplus.

Raphoon, LLC

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